5 Trust-Busting Data Presentation Mistakes You Might Be Making

Trust. Trust is a tricky character. We all want people to give us theirs, and yet we are super wary of giving it out ourselves. In family, in love, and of course, in business. Earning the trust of others as a data analyst is a tall order. Trust is an ephemeral entity that can instantly vaporize during a presentation if certain checks and balances aren’t in place to cement your credibility. At the end of my flagship Raise the Bar Chart Boot Camp workshop for analysts and marketers, I conduct the Live Exercise, where students present a revamped presentation to the class using the principles I teach. The students then communally critique the presentation with my gentle assistance. The Live Exercise is arguably the most valuable component of the training because it locks in core concepts in a way that teaching alone can’t accomplish. read... read more

Garr Reynolds Brings Presentation Zen to your Boardroom [INTERVIEW]

This episode’s guest is a global household name for bringing a touch of zen to your presentations. Garr Reynolds is the Elvis Presley of the presentation world, a popular speaker, and the author of the award-winning and best-selling presentation book, Presentation Zen, which is considered by many to be the bible of stellar presenting. Garr’s contribution has been a pivotal force in my entire presentation career and philosophy and it was an honor and privilege

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