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You have to know how to talk to your audience's brain.
Discover evidence-based principles of presentation and data visualization that will inform stakeholder decisions & propel your career.
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Is your audience falling asleep during your data presentations?

I can help.

I will empower you to present your data in a dynamic and impactful way that gets remembered and acted upon. As a seasoned digital marketer and analytics practitioner, I understand the unique challenges of getting your stakeholder’s attention. It’s time to take back the conference room and achieve your presentation goals.

Are you ready to Present Beyond Measure?


Live Training Workshops

My live workshops will empower your team with the exact presentation & data visualization toolbox they need to present data and insights with impact.

Strategic Coaching Sessions

Book a private session with me to get laser-targeted, individualized strategies that will instantly elevate your company or conference presentation.

Data Visualization Consulting

Does your reporting platform provide data visualization? I offer platform audits and consulations that assess compliance with data visualization best practices and end-user friendliness.


I fully endorse working with Lea.  I chose to have Lea coach me because she has made a name for herself as person who is focused on data presentation.  I was not disappointed.  She took some of my “most polished” presentations and marked them all up with a healthy dose of the proverbial red ink.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  She understands data, story telling, and the requirements needed to make a good presentation.  I was able to tell her what point I was trying to make, and she helped me improve my Powerpoint presentations so that they will be better received by my future audiences. Yehoshua Coren

Analytics Ninja

Lea Pica’s attention to detail regarding the visual presentation of data is, in my opinion, on par with the best in the business today. Eric T. Peterson

Founder & Senior Partner, Analytics Demystified

Lea is brilliant at teaching others to get their points across and not let bad things happen to good data. Jim Sterne

Chair, Digital Analytics Association

I highly recommend working with Lea. The way she talks about data is inspiring – she sees beyond the numbers, and showcases the story that they tell. Michael Loban

CMO, Infotrust


  • Proven evidence-based data visualization and presentation techniques that leverage psychology and neuroscience
  • Free tools & templates that will help you get your presentation done fast
  • Detailed tutorials that unlock your productivity with PowerPoint and Excel
  • Exclusive discounts for my favorite resources & tools


There are a couple of ways we can work together. I offer:

  • Personalized 1-on-1 presentation coaching and data visualization review
  • Private presentation & data visualization group training for up to 30 analysts
  • White-glove presentation transformation services for large-format engagements
  • And more!
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Find all of my latest musings on web analytics, digital storytelling, presentation greatness and data visualization goodness on my little blog. I’m always adding free templates, tools and techniques that help me get my data presentations done fast, accurate and looking their best. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll definitely learn.


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